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Check out our latest news and tips on keeping and breeding Yorkies.

We also review products and give you the best advice to care for your special pooch.

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Our Recommended books are a definite must see. They represent a wealth of information from experts on Yorkshire Terriers.

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Yorkie Shop Products


Yorkie Snuggle Carry Bag            R198

Exclusive Yorkie Carry Bag with adjustable shoulder strap and internal sately clip.  

Available in three sizes: Puppy, small and medium.


Sounds Scary Dual CD                 R 625.00

This is a prevention style CD which is designed to habituate puppies to a range of sounds, both from within the home

These are treatment CD's for dogs suffering from sound phobias relating to fireworks, thunderstorms and/or gunshots.

SOUNDS SCARY contains a wide range of thunder, firework and gunshot noises as well as some of the other sounds that dogs often associate with storms, such as rain or hail.

It is a dual CD product that comes with a comprehensive booklet and pull out easy reference guide on how to use the CD's.
Sounds Soothing CD                    R 425.00

This is a prevention style CD which is designed to assist in the integration of dogs with children and babies.

SOUNDS SOOTHING contains child and baby noises that your dog can get used to before the baby arrives.

There are also simple training exercises that you can use to teach your dog to stay calm during nappy changes, feeding times and when walking with a pram.

This is a single CD that comes with a comprehensive booklet with guidance for parents and carers about how to integrate family pets and children.